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                                                                   ♥ NAPOLEON!!!!! ♥

                           Kangen kalian semua....huam....kangen....
                                                                                       Mana kita gak 1 kelas lagi....

Sabtu, 26 Maret 2011


The Princess And The Price

  By: Dwiya Putri Rahmania

Once upon a time, in a garden at the palace there was a beautiful princess. She was very pretty, funny, and interesting. She had a beautiful fairy princess. Pixie was always there when needed beautiful princess. The beautiful princess was protected, because he was the daughter of a king who was very rich and very friendly to the population in castle of which reside in the palace the king had great respect and very loved with beautiful princess.

One time was in the park, princess playing ball and her favorite doll. He loves those things. Suddenly there was a youth who intend to steal the princess. He did not like it when people around who have the honor of the king's palace. Beautiful daughter was very surprised with the arrival of the young man suddenly and with a scary face. A few seconds later a beautiful fairy princess's coming, She the help beautiful princess, every pretty princess was in danger of her elf could feel and straight to the beautiful princess.
Baca secara fonetik
SimakDo not disturb and hurt my daughter" said the elf helper.
The young man immediately answered with harsh words "silent! you do not know anything here”.
“Quickly go or you will I report to the king in the palace "said the fairy.
A few minutes later the young man went away and run fast with frightened faces.Tomorrow came, the palace was no big event. The event was held because the king wanted the pretty daughter of his companion life opinion. But the beautiful princess said no, with smooth and soft.
“Daddy, I do not want to get married first" beautiful princess said that .
”But boy you should soon have a companion to accompany your life and your
prevent for people who intend no evil to you" the king replied.
Some of the conversations going on and finally the king to delay some of his daughter was to marry. Waiting to see who would become the companion's daughter.

Several months had passed. One time in the morning there are young men came to the court. He was very handsome. The boys then met with the king at the palace. They both do the conversation. King and the beautiful princess also agree and accept the young man with great sincerity. They finally agreed that the wedding will be done soon.

One month had passed, the wedding will come soon, they need to prepare for the wedding. Beautiful princess and the young man was very happy. Beautiful princess was not aware that he was about to get married. He said goodbye to her fairies and thanked the fairy for having looked after her beloved she started from her birth until she was getting married. It's beautiful fairy princess was approved if the beautiful princess fairy to get married because it does not have to worry again about the dangers of such a beautiful daughter.

Marriage was in starting and running smoothly. Not forgetting the wedding takes place when the king left a message to her beloved husband's child.
Keep the good wife and keep this palace" said the king.
That must be but I will bring this beautiful daughter to stay home with me" replied the handsome young man.
King replied "If this is a decision you both agree to it but I remember my message earlier" .
Good lord"answer young man. Finally, the wedding went well, the people around were also very happy for daughter's wedding was beautiful.
Several day passed, they live happily together. They live in the house was very beautiful,big,and luxurious. The house was beautiful daughter to the father of her daughter’s husband. With the aim for a beautiful princess and her husband care for properly and maintain it correctly. Giving the house was originally rejected by the husband and beautiful daughter because she felt uncomfortable to the law. But the king still insisted that he has become a beloved husband’s beautiful princess.

One day a beautiful princess and her husband went to the palace to visit his father but when the street delman on his drive die. They do not know what had happened, after the problem was driving his car on a flat tire. They also call a mechanic. During a beautiful princess and her husband waited for a mechanic they were surprised because on the right side there was the beautiful daughter of a beggar who faced tangled, his clothes torn, and the smell of body odors.
"Ma'am, I beg alms" said the beggar with a sad face.
"Yeah, while I bring you" beautiful daughter replied softly as he get the money in his wallet.
After the beggar was given a beautiful princess money have ideas to bring the beggar to the palace in order to live properly.
After talking mechanic came and immediately fix a flat tire. While waiting for the car is finished in beautiful princess offered to fix the old beggar, her husband was also agreed if the old beggar was taken to court because he felt sorry for the old beggar. Half an hour the car was back to normal and the old beggar want on invite to the palace.

Arriving at the palace, the king welcomed daughter and daughter be happy. They then got out of the car and bring down the old beggar. Beautiful daughter thought that her father would be angry but he was wrong, his father received the old beggar with a very friendly and the king had promised his daughter that she will keep and care for the old beggar well during his father's strong and still able to walk.
Simak"Son, what is it all of a sudden you came to the court, "asked the king.
"We here aim to visit his father and give good news to the father" replied the pretty princess.
"What good news that sonny? "asked his father.
"Well, dad will soon receive a grandchild"replied the husband's beautiful daughter.
"What? Are you real? thank you my child "replied the father.
"Son you're the one who will continue his father here later" message to the king's son and daughter.
Three months has gone. Beautiful princess and her husband were sitting in the front garden home while cleaning the park. Suddenly there came men in her home. The man was brought bad news from the king. The man, say that the king was seriously ill in the palace. Beautiful princess and her husband surprised and beautiful daughter fainted.
Finally husband beautiful princess beautiful princess was brought into the house and gave him a drink. While waiting for her husband to return to normal pretty princess getting ready to go to the palace. Then the beautiful princess came to, he asked to immediately hurried to the palace. Arriving at the palace of the king was lying weakly on the mattress. King felt that the time was not take long anymore, and he immediately gave a message to a beautiful daughter and son in law.
"Take good care of my daughter, my grandson, and the court if I later was no longer" king's message to son in law.
"Daddy, is convinced that the father would be okay" replied the beautiful princess with feelings of fear.

The next day, the weak state of the king and the king turned out true feelings and expectations. King was no longer there. Beautiful daughter cry, resident at the court also felt very lost, an old beggar who had been in care by the king too was crying. Fortunately it did not go on long sadness. The situation returned to normal, which led the kingdom into the husband's beautiful daughter. He was also fair to populations residing in the palace. Beautiful princess very happy because her husband obey her father's message. The house was given to her husband now have now been given to other residents to be utilized properly. And them that now reside in the palace. By always wait for a son was born.
Now they have lived happily together people in the palace and the old beggar who they look after all this time and now they regard as his own grandmother.


Tulit..tulit..Tiba-tiba telpon rumah bunyi..
Aku angkat,,Assalamu’alaikum??”sapa.ku..
Wa’alaikumsalam..jawab penelpon..Haha..Ternyata yang telpon nadya..
Aku sueneng dia telpon,,tapi,,,ternyata,,,dia telpon oz ada yang mau di
Dia bilang..”Aku besok izin ke p.o..Pengen ketemu kamu sekalian ke almasavi,,”
Aku kaget..”Ha??Ke almasavi?ngapain nad?”jawab.ku..
”ku pengen ketemu kalian untuk yang terakhir kali.nya,,kemungkinan aku dah gak sekolah di ponorogo lagi,,aku pengen ke almasavi ma kamu”jawb nadya dengan kata2 serius..
Tapi di sisi lain,,aku gak mau ke almasavi di karena.kan pada esok harinya jadwal padat..aku bisa ketemu nadya tapi gak bisa ke almasavi..hoho..
Tetapi nadya di telpon bentak aku,,dia pengen ketemu ku and temen2 yang di almasavi untuk yang terakhit kalinya seumur hidup.nya kata nadya..pada waktu itu juga aku kaget+netesin air mata..aku gak pengen dia pergi tapi gimana lagi nhe demi n kesuksesannya..

Keesokan harinya...
Bangun pagi,,siap2 ke sekolah untuk ujian praktek penjaskes..buosen,,mpe nunggu jam 09.30 cause praktek penjaskesnya tinggal pilihan,,
Jam2 untuk menunggu aku ngerjain latar buat drama..setelah selesai cabut deh ke stadion..
”Ayo berangkat”..
”Yuk”jawab anak2...
Pilihan.ku main basket,,,Alhmd berjalan lancar...
Ea meski gak sukses banget oz dah 1 tahun aku gak main basket terhitung setelah aku pindah dari almasavi dah gak pernah main basket lagi...hoho...
Yah,,akhirnya selesai ujiannya,,,back to school...
Sampai sekolah hujan deh…untung dah kagak kujanan…hehe…
Tapi temen2 yang lain pada kujanan..hihi…Dan di sekolah latihan drama dah mpe jam setengah 1..
Setelah itu aku nemuin nadya di warnet sparkle..
Di warnet ngobrol2 bareng ma nadya..Sejam kemudian dia ngajak keluar,,dia pengen ke rumah.ku..
Hmm…akhirnya nadya ke rumah.ku juga…hehe..
Asyik…di rumah ngobrol2,,,sholat,makan…n foto2 deh…Seneng bangetz…tapi jadi inget waktu di pondk dulu..hiks…hiks..
Jam 3 sore dating..duh cepet banget sih…aku harus ngembaliin nadya ke depan latansa..hehe…oz dia harus balik ke alma1 dengan mobil jemputan…
Yah..itu mungkin pertemuan.ku terakhir ma dial ok dia beneran jadi gak sekolah di alma 1 lagi…Apa boleh buat…ni dah jalan kita,,
Apapun itu ea harus di terima…Luv u friend..miss u forever,..:(

Minggu, 20 Maret 2011


very fast ;(

Tak sanggup..

Tetes air mata,,,basahi pipi.ku di kita kan berpisah..
Kita ucap.kan janji bersama,,janji sebuah ikatan antara kita...
Aku,,kamu,,dia,,mereka,,dan KITA SEMUA...
Yah,,,janji itu adalah ”BBKDBDKAP”
Wah...wah...mau tau gak nih arti.nya...
Artinya..”Buktikan Bahwa Kita Dapat Bersatu Dalam Keadaan Apapun”..
Puitis kali tuh artinya,,,Itu semua banyak banget makna.nya..
Aku,,kamu,,dia,,mereka,,kita tak mau untuk harus kehilangan Napoleon..
Tapi apa boleh buat,,

Waktu ini teruslah berputar,,Jangan lengah untuk hadapi coba.an2 ini..
Terus berjuang kawan.ku..
Gapai setinggi langit..^_^

Sabtu, 12 Maret 2011


Cerpen Bahasa Indonesia


  “Po…pop…po..”…Bunyi itu seperti menyambut gerimis.Malam kamis,di luar bertiup angina ganas.Lalu ada bau amis, Semua penduduk di desa itu ketakutan. Hampir semua tak ada yang berani keluar rumah. Malam itu begitu mencekam, amat kelam. Wajah-wajah penduduk kelihatan begitu cemas, mereka berharap tidak akan terjadi apa-apa pada anggota keluarga mereka.
            Dahulu, sebagai cerita orang tua,bila ada kejadian seperti ini maka akan ada penduduk desa yang pulang ke rahmatullah. Dan keyakinan itu telah terselip rapi di benak penduduk setempat. Karena kejadian yang sama setahun silam pernah terjadi. Tempo itu, kepala desa meninggal secara mengenaskan, perutnya kosong melompong sehingga dia di kubur dengan perut bolong. Ada sebagian penduduk percaya bahwa kematian tragis dan aneh itu karena perbuatannya sendiri yang selalu menyelewengkan jatah beras untuk masyarakat miskin.
            Peristiwa dua tahun silam tak menghilang dari memori penduduk ketika seorang pengusaha yang berlagak pengusaha yang sering di panggil haji loppo tewas mengenaskan. Haji loppo memang orang paling kaya di kampong itu, tapi penduduk setempat mengenalnya sebagai tengkulak cengkeh dan kakao yang sangat pelit bin kikir.
            Masih menurut cerita para tetua. Konon yang berbunyi po..pop..po itu adalah seseorang yang memiliki ilmu hitam. Sebenarnya dua macam penganut ilmu hitam yang di takuti yaitu poppo dan parakan. Bedanya poppo bisa terbang sedangkan parakat Cuma di darat. Konon, seorang poppo tidak bisa meninggal dunia apabila tidak ada anggota keluarganya yang mengambil ilmunya sebagaimana warisan. Ia akan tersiksa dalam himpitan sakaratul maut dengan lidah menjulur-julur serta mata terbelalak.
            Sementara penduduk desa di kepung kecemasan dan ketakutan. Seorang penduduk yang bernama Lalibang tenang-tenang saja,dia berprofesi sebagai penggali kubur. Prinsip penggali kubur, ada mayat ada uang ada makan. Malam itu sepertinya harapan besar buat Lalibang karena di kampung itu seorang pengusaha kaya raya saudara almarhum haji Loppo yang bernama haji Lolo sakit keras. Warga cemas kalau kematian haji Lolo kelak mengikuti jejak haji Loppo. Di rumah yang lain, Lalibang kelihatan tidak bersemangat Tiba-tiba ia merasa ngeri.
Tujuh bulan yang lalu
            ”Wow...oh..woh..!” Perempuan tua itu mengerang kesakitan, antara hidup dan mati. Lidahnya menjulur-julur dan matanya terbelalak. Dia merintih terus menerus sambil memanggil cucunya. Nenek itu merasa ajalnya sudah dekat. Sebelum dia meninggalkan cucunya dia menyampaikan wasiat/asal usul tentang keluarganya ke cucunya. Nenek itu bercerita bahwa sebenarnya orang tua lalibang yang paling kaya di desa itu. Ayahnya adalah seorang pedagang yang gigih dan ulet,sedangkan ibunya adalah anak nenek satu-satunya. Maka dari itu harta nenek di serahkan kepada ibunya. Karena kesuksesan kedua orang tua Lalibang banyak orang yang iri dan berusaha untuk menjatuhkannnya. Dan seorang kepala desa itu sebenarnya paman Lalibang. Namun ia sangat membenci ayah Lalibang. Kedua orang tua Lalibang serta kakaknya di bunuh secara kejam oleh orang suruhan kepala desa yang bersekutu dengan Haji Loppo dan Haji Lolo. Sedangkan Lalibang bisa selamat karena waktu itu dia masih kecil, sehingga mereka tidak tega. Karena kekejaman kepala desa dan orang suruhannya nenek itu sangat mendendam. Tetapi tak mungkin nenek itu balas dendam langsung. Akhirnya Ia pergi berguru dan mewarisi ilmu poppo dari seorang tetua di kampung sebelah. Dan Haji Loppo telah menjadi korban ilmu itu. Nenek itu mewariskan ilmu hitam itu kepada Lalibang, dan berkata kepada Lalibang jangan mawariskan ilmu ini kepada keturunanmu.
            Tiba-tiba nenek tua itu merintih kesakitan , lidahnya menjulur-julur, matanya terbelalak galak. Dan perempuan tua itu telah menutup mata untuk selamanya. Tapi keanehan itu mendadak pada diri Lalibang, Lidahnya menjulur-julur,matanya memerah galak terbelalak. Lalu Pop...po..poppo.
            Malam Kamis itu masih terus mencekam. Tiba-tiba sikap Lalibang garang ingin balas dendam kepada Haji Lolo tetapi dia ingat oleh pesan neneknya. Akhirnya Lalibang membaca lafadz ayat-ayat suci Al-Qur’an, dan dia telah kembali seperti semula. Keesokan harinya Lalibang terlihat asyik menggali kubur bersama rekan-rekannya. Haji Lolo telah meninggal dunia, warga bersyukur karena mayat haji Lolo tidak mengalami keanehan seperti yang mereka kira sebelumnya.
            Sambil menggali kubur, mata Lalibang berkaca-kaca. Ia teringat dengan pesan neneknya. Tak boleh ada dendan. Lalibang berharap wasiat yang di beri kepada dia bisa menjadi penerang jalan hidup dia selanjutnya.Langit kian cerah, secerah hati Lalibang.

Sabtu, 05 Maret 2011


Ada-ada saja..:)

Ketika Perubahan itu telah datang..Kita sama-sama pergi,,,
Pergi bukan sekedar pergiTetapi pergi untuk mencari jati diri.....Mencari sebuah Kesuksesan
Kesuksesan untuk masa depan kita
Kita pergi tanpa rencana...Itu secara tiba-tiba
Dengan adanya waktu berjalan
ada kata yang belum ku sampaikan padamu sahabatku..Kata-kata itu masih jelas di benakku..
Tak tau kapan itu semua ku katakan
Bertemu saja,,,kita tak pernah
Semenjak kita berbeda tempat...Hanya waktu yang bisa menjawab kapan kita kan bertemu

Ku berjanji
Apabila kita bertemu nanti ku kan menyampaikan kata-kata itu
Kata-kata itu mungkin sangat singkat
Tetapi sangat berharga buat ku untuk kau mengerti..


Keutamaan Shalat Tahajud

Sahabat Abdullah bin Salam mengatakan, bahwa Nabi Muhammad saw bersabda:
“Hai sekalian manusia, sebarluaskanlah salam dan berikanlah makanan serta sholat malamlah diwaktu manusia sedang tidur, supaya kamu masuk Surga dengan selamat.” (HR Tirmidzi)
Bersabda Nabi Muhammad saw:
“Seutama-utama shalat sesudah shalat fardhu ialah shalat sunnat di waktu malam.” (HR Muslim)
Selain itu, Allah sendiri juga berfirman:
Pada malam hari, hendaklah engkau shalat Tahajud sebagai tambahan bagi engkau. Mudah-mudahan Tuhan mengangkat engkau ketempat yang terpuji. (QS Al-Isra’: 79)
Dari Jabir r.a., ia barkata, “Aku mendengar Rasulullah saw. Bersabda: Sesungguhnya pada malam hari itu benar-benar ada saat yang seorang muslim dapat menepatinya untuk memohon kepada Allah suatu kebaikan dunia dan akhirat, pasti Allah akan memberikannya (mengabulkannya); dan itu setiap malam.” (HR Muslim dan Ahmad)
“Lazimkan dirimu untuk shalat malam karena hal itu tradisi orang-orang saleh sebelummu, mendekatkan diri kepada Allah, menghapus dosa, menolak penyakit, dan pencegah dari dosa.” (HR Ahmad)